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About Us

Thank you for visiting Green Pages – your comprehensive green directory.

Adapting an environmentally conscious approach to our everyday life is vital for our survival. At Green Pages we aim to increase awareness of environmentally friendly initiatives, companies and products.

Green Pages is a division of Earthly Directions Media, a member of the Earthly Directions Group of Companies. The common goal of all involved remains a desire to create positive environmental change through sustainable, eco-efficient business practices and products.

We look forward to receiving your green recommendations and referrals.

What does “Going Green” mean?

The term “Going Green” refers to the conscious implementation of eco-friendly alternatives to regular products or services.
We can minimize the harm we do to the environment by adopting these natural and sustainable living practices:

  • reduce pollution, consumption and waste
  • conserve resources and energy
  • protect the earth’s natural balance

We hope you find Green Pages a valuable resource tool, and welcome your feedback.